About us

No reason not to play – that’s our credo!

So, we play!

And we have been doing this since 2006!

We turned the love of playing into a business, because we want the good energy of games to spread in every home. After all, games connect people, gather them for a meaningful activity, develop emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, strategic thinking, reaction and many other important life qualities.

Assortment of leisure products

The assortment of LTD Kadabra includes board games, brain teasers, puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, radio-controlled models, drones, poker goods, educational sets, outdoor games, anti-stress toys and other categories of hobby and leisure goods.

One of the most important parts of our assortment is the board games category. This is a rapidly developing area in the Baltic countries, so we try to offer a wide range of games suitable for children and adults, for large and small groups, for friends and work teams. We constantly follow the latest gaming trends around the world, analyze expert assessments and present to the market awarded, prospectively emerging, valuable and popular products.

Trading partners

We trade in three Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, cooperating with large retail chains, electronic trading platforms, bookstores and niche retail outlets selling leisure products.

We work with well-known partners all over the world. We are official representatives of ASMODEE, BLUE ORANGE, DAYS OF WONDER, EUREKA, EXPLODING KITTENS, PLAN B GAMES, LOZ, LUCKY DUCK GAMES, QIYI CUBES, REBELZ GAMES, HPI RACING and other companies.

Game development

LTD Kadabra not only sells board games, but also publishes them. We created a board game for kids called “Nelly Jelly Race” and a party game for adults called “The Scariest Game”. We always welcome your ideas as we seek to encourage local board game developers. We are open and ready to collaborate on creating new, exciting and engaging games and releasing them to the wider world.

Let’s talk, cooperate and play!

Contact: b2b@kadabra.eu